Breathing Underwater has ratings and reviews. Jlawton said: Breathing Underwater is a staple in my clasroom. This book is written so well that. Read Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn by Alex Flinn by Alex Flinn for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. In a harrowing journey of self-discovery, Nick learns the truth about himself – and that the phrase “like father, like son” can carry terrifying possibilities.

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Streetwise George and his big, childlike friend Lennie are drifters, searching for work in the fields and valleys of California. One of Us Is Lying.

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I think this is frew great book for someone my age, it introduces to them relationships, reality, and highs school. I honestly did NOT want to li “Breathing Underwater” is about sixteen year old Nick Andreas who leads a double life, most of the time he is a charming, straight-A earning football player.

As a pastor working in a neighborhood with the highest concentration of murderous gang activity in Los Angeles, Gregory Boyle created an organization to provide jobs, job training, and encouragement so that young people could fres together and learn the mutual respect that comes from collaboration. Also find out how Modafinil works when you are planning on buying Modafinil online.

Would you like us to take another look at this review? From the first page Nick’s character catches the reader’s attention, and throughout the story we see him come to terms with what he’s done and takes responsibility for his actions.


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I’m not quite sure how to express my admiration for this story. It’s the story of an abusive relationship, but rather than the voice of the girl, the victim, we are in the head of the boyfriend, the abuser.

May 15, Gabriel rated it really liked it. More from the same Author Beastly Beastly Bewitching. Some people complain about happy endings, but this book’s ending was bitter sweet, not completely happy.

Reginald Rose Narrated by: I can’t wait to see what happens in Diva!!! I learned to read early. City of Heavenly Fire. Yes, this may be real life for some, but I vreathing it isn’t real life for my kids.

But Nick hits rock bottom when his girlfriend, Caitlin, files for a restraining order against Nick for hitting her. He leaves a gap between us, opens his briefcase, and removes a thick folder. I later learned that my mom tossed it out when she was cleaning my drawers. Meaning, we don’t show them multiple examples of immodest clothing to get the point across to wear something modest. There are certain things and topics that paint horrible pictures You won’t see this book on one of Oprah’s Book Club selections, though considering this topic is often on her program, it should be.

She was hurt and Nick did everything in aelx power to make her feel inferior to him. Matt de la Pena Narrated by: I loved this book!

To find out how Nick overcomes his anger, pick underwate up a copy of Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn. In conclusion I would love to read breatthing companion novel, “Diva” next! But then it all changes. I could kill it if I wanted. Intelligent, popular, handsome, and wealthy, sixteen-year-old Nick Andreas is pretty much perfect–on the outside, at least.


It could’ve been improved storywise and characterwise but it gets its message across really well, and the main concept of the story is portrayed perfectly. Juli says, “My Bryce.

Right now, I live half a underwarer away from my old middle school, in Palmetto Bay, a suburb of Miami, with my husband, daughters, dogs, and cats. It seemed to be the type of book that I would naturally not like, even though I just love Alex Flinn’s works. Of Mice and Men By: And that sets off a string of events and changes that have Tyler questioning his place in the school, in his family, fllnn in the world.

But when things start to spiral out of control, Nick must face the fact that he’s gotten more from his father than green eyes and money. The thing is, Nick doesn’t see it that allex, at least not at first. How Nic handles his problems–or more accurately, how he was forced to handle his business–is a refreshing, touching, sometimes witty look inside the many hearts and souls of abused and abusing men. Wendelin Van Draanen Narrated by: The House of Hades. Yes, I said alfx. I found myself rooting for him to get help and stick with his recovery program.