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Do not use for purposes other than that for which it was designed. Make sure that the plug is accessible.

Constructa Energy s Waschmaschine

We recommend using a spirit level to level the appliance. Page 33 Aligning the appliance Page 23 Cleaning the drain pump Draining the washing solution d Risk of scalding! Prewash only heavily soiled clothes. The display will show”P-1″. Press this button gently for 2 seconds to switch off the machine as buttons are soft touch sensitive. Page 17 Washing Start the programme Keep this manual in a convenient place so you can always refer to it for the safe and proper use of the appliance.

Do not add more detergent than needed. As such we urge you to follow the correct disposal procedure for your product and packaging materials. Keep the transportation bolts and synthetic stabilisers in a safe place for later use. Err7 Err8 End 1: If the machine is used for commercial purposes the warranty will be void. Use a soft cloth dampened with soap liquid to clean the machine case and rubber components.


Noise or vibration that is considered normal.

CONSTRUCTA washing machine User manual |

Hold the plug and not the electric cable when unplugging the power supply. Indicator lights do not Fuse tripped. Page 5 Appliance lid and drum lid Opening the lid Opening the drum lid Caution Page 16 Additional option No Final Spin You must produce both warranty card and proof of purchase in the event of a warranty repair being required.

Standard Accessories Standard accessories Useful tools Transportation protection devices Caution Removing the transportation protection devices 10mm 13mm 13mm Page 37 Hose and cable lengths Connection on left side approx.

Cleaning and Care d Risk of electric shock!

rnergy If it happens more than 3 times, the motor will stop until the end of cycle without spinning. Washing machine en Instruction Manual and.


If error still exists, please contact the maintenance personnel. The power cord must be replaced constructw the manufacturer, service agent or qualified persons, if it is damaged. Dispensing the correct amount of detergent Too little detergent: Wipe clean the lower part of the porthole. Place heavy objects or sources of heat or damp on top of the appliance.


CONSTRUCTA Washing machine Instruction Manual And Installation Instructions

Operation stops for a period of time. Water connection Connect the hose to the cold water connection.

Such service shall be provided during normal business hours. Use flammable detergent or dry cleaning agent. If necessary, put small items into a laundry bag to avoid damage.

The washing machine has been working for three hours and do not stop. The “extra rinse light” is activated and flashes during the performance.

Place a container under the drain pump filter, to collect any excess water that may come out of the drain pump when the filter is removed. This warranty certificate should be shown when making any claim. As the water pressure and constrkcta may differ, the remaining time may be adjusted accordingly. Choose the correct washing temperature. Connect inlet hose to a water tap with cold, fresh water.