el aliento de mi ser lldm pdf cantos. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for el aliento de mi ser lldm pdf cantos. Will be grateful for any. Berea International USA. 99K likes. Berea Int. USA is a platform dedicated to the task of publishing all official content of the activities of The Light. De otra forma, los apóstoles podrían ser adorados como el mismo Dios o como ¿Qué de Dios pueden tener frases como “el aliento de mi ser, eres apóstol”.

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Get outta here with that nonsense, I ain’t got the time to read your rambling. That certainly brings up ethical issues for both you, and Mr. I was taught that there were groups of people out there in the world that were out to get Samuel so I had to defend him and alient church. Go buy some popcorn.

el aliento de mi ser lldm pdf cantos

Our docudrama has turned into riveting story of official oppression from authorities of “cults AND State” attempting to prevent public dissemination of ridiculing rape victims that has led to an international outcry to question law enforcement piss poor priorities in calling 15 year old rape victims’ “freedom of religion” a reason to consciously ignore felonies committed behind fortified walled religious encampments by “men of God”.

I completely understand it is a “privilege”, not a right”, to post comments on Reddit. Naason Joaquin is a beautiful man. Don’t use so many external links, or provide context for what is in the link, while also combining documents together in one file to avoid so many external links.

The only other former mistress from LLDM you and I know is Sochil Martin – who gave me a complete release to post our previously confidential communications, and her recent texts to Naason. Salida Para Siempre Please re-read our rules.

FBI operatives have assisted in convincing judges to dismiss my efforts to simply prove the truth of our disagreements.


Account Suspended

Scratch out the fact for the other anonymous line I was going to do. Go to google voice and you can create an anonymous number. Dude, go do something productive with your life instead of wasting both of our damn time.

God made no one more hateful with no compassion than a Alpha Dog lesbian moderator-inator with a subreddit page, and she dumped Him too, for Christ’s Sake. The mayor was pleased to hear that among the community there are teenagers who want to collaborate with her on projects for the city.

They had a bunch left over so after church on Sunday I’d go to the casa pastoral and watch Korn music videos with the ministers kid while casually snacking on holy supper bread.

Hell-bound akiento believing such shit probably have emotional issues all caused by a priest’s five minutes of pleasure. Berea International USA added 5 new photos to the album: Yes, a toll-free call to Switzerland is a long way to phone for help in being raped, but “shit rolls downhill”, and a call to local law enforcement from the U.

You are posting some identifying information without consent from the victims, which shows me that you do not give a damn about the victims. All my gratitude to Withabee for starting this community we are not alone.

Please do not post your identifying information in any comments. The billboard that has burn marks was erected two days before Christmas BereaInternational “Together, because the Church deserves the best”. You soiled my reputation with law enforcement calling me bat shit crazy for claiming what you spent 18 months telling me about, but forgetting to tell me you’re a lesbian. Bitching at each other on cult victim websites has not done a bit of akiento.

This man in Mexico was named Samuel Sr Flores. I was taught that their souls were all lost anyway so there was no point in being their friend.

They would describe him as something supernatural and not human. Children’s March The Light of the World: Payment arrangements through charities available upon request for Hassan’s services. You don’t count, Withabee. God’s Crew” script to be presented to Michael Moore for review.


I preach this words to you, so you can understand. Remember google voice is connected to your gmail so you can create an anonymous gmail for it as well.

Join the growing community now!

Make yourself look bad as often as you want, but I’m not participating in your little games anymore. It just makes you sound conspiratorial af. He has my heart.

Ben White Blvd, Austin, Texas We will not be true ministers of the LLDM, but we will act like them to send a message. The time to “chillax” investigating LLDM is over.

Second option leaves me with little choice other than banning. The censorship problem church and state both have is shutting me up after being initiated as a Federal Court Officer last December. He would go by many names. We have a team of ex Ministers, investigators, attorneys and exlldm victims working on it.

Go back to posting on http: I was taught that if you rebel against Samuel, you are rebelling against God. It taught me lies, division and judgement.

Also check out Actipedia. Pages Liked by This Page. Ask them if they would like to have an opportunity to tell their story. LLDM’s attacks toward me are expected, other attacks from “advocates and State” came as a surprise. Why would anyone object to any religious cult rape victim advocate efforts we have endured the past seven years in advocating for LLDM victim rights, especially Alientto LLDM did not teach me love, compassion, and community.

You look really pathetic by continuing to post on threads that I comment on in order to just get my attention. I responded to her email closing my LLDM death threat in a civil manner, I thought, but was arrested after noticing her for a deposition.