Lid closing still doesn’t switch off LCD screen so sleep mode still quite useless. . Patch used: JaS a Generic Patch vb PPF. Natvie install with a JaS a Patch Vb patched iso image file. . Method: Native install with with JaS a Generic Patch vb. Kernel Panic with patch , a in native install. (((Try the JaS a Generic Patch vb is might help these issues))) (((wesley Patch has.

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Or you can install an older verison of os x and burn the dmg to a dvd with disk utiltiy. Once booting has started, you will see a bunch of text as it boots.

Overall, the system appears very stable and the only real issue to get the system running is getting a keyboard and mouse plugged in via USB – after that, no issues at all other than unsupported peripherals. Some initial trouble to understand that it patcu 2 monitor to be connected otherwise it will not boot. Integrated sound works great CMedia Azalia, a.

Installation when smoothly without any problem. Network card works, Core Image and Quartz Extreme works some cursor glitches.

Help with patching – OSx86 (Tiger) – InsanelyMac Forum

Native install failed, installed through VMWare onto second partition on hard-drive, boots natively but no network connection until wireless fixed in QE and CI work, get xx32 if I modify com. The model I use specifically is the Netgear WGv3. Update from Another User: Please add whether your device supports QE, Quartz Extreme, graphics. I have been unable to make the OSX system crash or freeze in ten hours of testing.


Only thing other than wireless that does not work is if I hook up to my USB KVM and switch display on laptop to external monitor, the machine locks up.

Sound stutters in iTunes but works perfect in VLC. It has been attempted to disable the cards via the bios, but it presents no such option.

Had to use “vmware” method. I had to try several times. Sound works, mute, volume buttons work too. This guide is a work in progress, so updates will be made when the install jaas as far as what work and what doesn’t.

The Alt key is used for option. Booting from DVD Image fails with com. Everything seems to be working! After rebooting everything worked.

See the x86 software page for jxs you can run without Rosetta.

[Red Dragon] Patch (v) – Eugen Systems Forums

You cannot use a PC Card either because there is no driver for ja cardbus. I encounterd a lot of problems with the dvd-rom drive so i used a usb external dvd-drive to install.

Resolved by disabling speedstep, reducing speed to mhz to enter OSX. Wireless keyboard worked fine after running through “Identify Keyboard” dialog. If you dont have the volume bar then im sorry friend pztch you gota whole lota bullcrap pagch search through to get it working.

Everything else works flawlessly. But the OS runs quite well and quite fast, Touch screen working well and intel pro lan working too, sound it’s working, centrino intel pro wireless doesn’t work. Network adapter works driver needed, http: Radeon Pro works perfectly with ATI drivers, only a small bit of artifacting near the mouse cursor.

Even works in Toast 7.

Wired ethernet works with this kext and tcpdump in promisc mode Wireless card not work, but system see it made like this forum WebCam is not worked, but system recognise it The only thing that the system lacks is support for the integrated pci card reader, but the ethernet and phone modem still work. All internal hardware works, except for trackpoint mouse, internal wireless card and APM power management no such things as sleep mode or hibernate.


I havn’t played with it yet Intel Celeron M 1. Bootable DVD is the easiest of all to do and if you do it correctly, this may end up being your main machine. Video to x 75 with the video faq. ATI Graphics work well, full support.

Once driver support becomes available, I’ll be making this a permanent switch. For “non emulating booting” error, try to flash a new bios from acer site. Keyboard and touchpad still not recognized. There are still problems with suspend and this driver. I started working on ways to upgrade to USB mouses and digital cameras are supported.

Please add hardware into tables. Rosetta is decently fast.

HCL 10.4.3/Incompatible

Seems to work almost flawlessly out of the box Installed build patched with Jas v4. Also x nominal resolution can be setted up. AC97 sound is an Intel-based chipset, works out of the box.

Don’t forget to add how you got OSx86 running on your portable x86 computer, and to use proper English.