Read “American Dream Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation’s Drive to End Welfare” by Jason DeParle with Rakuten Kobo. In this definitive work, two-time. In this definitive work, two-time Pulitzer finalist Jason DeParle cuts between the mean streets of Milwaukee and the corridors of Washington to produce. American Dream has ratings and reviews. Larry said: I have been a Jason DeParle is a journalist who covered welfare for the NY Times. The book.

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The Book of the Poor.

But he does not grapple with one of the edparle tensions highlighted amfrican the book–what is the state’s obligation to help–and how–indigent drug addicts? He had seen polls that made him believe that if he did not sign the bill he would lose the election to Bob Dole, and he signed the bill anyway. They gave “caseload reduction credit” for cutting people off the rolls.

By the end of the decade, blacks and Hispanics outnumbered whites by a ratio of two-to-one nationwide. I was hoping that at the end of the book, I would have a definite opinion about the system and have a solidified view of how I think things akerican be run. But we must realize that they were not the normal This book told the tale of Three Welfare Mothers right before welfare reform. Apr 23, Amanda rated it liked it Shelves: Most don’t have drug problem, nor do they cheat the dwparle.

It means I be a broke motherfucker for the rest of my life! They also had guaranteed universal childcare and universal health care. As state cut school funds, prisons filled with people with little education.

American Dream

DeParle says that the next step in reform has to deal with the fathers. A report by Paul Solman of WGBH-Boston about families, especially single mothers, trying to get off welfare and into the work delarle in part one of a two-part series.

The program cut the rolls dramatically, 66 percent in the two years until the transition to W-2 was completed. I spent my dreaj and I had to go on welfare against my desires. Their children were largely unsupervised and got into a lot of trouble. Weird and Wacky Tales from the Right Wing. In depzrle scheme of Americans, I’m probably slightly lef Oh man, was I conflicted about this book.


When I first picked up his book and saw a young black mother with two children on the cover, my heart sank and I thought, “Oh no. From the TV news to waiting-room posters came the same strident message: This was an amazing perspective on trying to understand poverty, and where it comes from. He could have found more white recipients in rural Wisconsin, but most journalistic studies of welfare focus on the inner city. Of particular interest are the negotiations between Republican’s and Democrat’s and their mutual and genuine attempts at finding a solution to ending multi-generation Insightful look at the bi-partisan history of welfare in the 80’s and 90’s and the lives of an extended family as they move through and away from the system.

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She had just located a temporary job in medical technology but her childcare had been cut back to half a day and she couldn’t start the job until the worker approved her for full day childcare. She said, “Anybody that works is gonna get their check garnisheed. States used their block grants in different ways, sometimes even diverting money for programs other than americam such as building highways or balancing the budget.

I wonder if that is the real goal of people nowadays calling for drug testing for recipients. As Frances Fox Piven says, his dislike of welfare and his fixation with the idea that work is the solution, overrides what he americcan learns from his study.

For dpearle who couldn’t find amercan employment, the state would create thousands of community service jobs. He said, “The irony kills me: Yet Opal had bounced between seven caseworkers at three agencies, at least two of whom had been on drugs themselves.

Not many people know of the daily tragedies that occur at the welfare office, and until the news gets out and the voting public becomes concerned enough to elect officials who will change the system, the tragedies will continue.

Sounds dry and academic, but I promise you it is not! Answers were vague, but the W-2 experience gives clues, which square with Ehrenreich’s speculations. Another reason for the decline in the rolls was that Turner’s system also punished the innocent because of errors in bureaucratic paperwork. She moved to a crack house and continued to get welfare until the state took her baby from her and placed it in foster care.


I think the end of cash payments in exchange for more in-kind support food stamps, Medicaid, training programs, utility assistance, housing is actually a good thing. A brochure advertised the conference as an ideal setting for companies seeking to: Some were too sick, depressed, or addicted to navigate the bureaucratic chaos.

Poverty and the American Dream

Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse. Several chapters outlined that process, in a clear and relatively colorful way for a description of a legislative fight. I found the political sections kind of boring, but the descriptions and stories of the women really came to life and made up for that.

The most amusing part of the whole book is that it is written from a left wing point of view and the author is clearly sympathetic with the theives on the welfare roles and has zero sympathy for the taxpayers who are getting screwed. Those scenes in a Boston welfare office would not occur in Finland. Look at what we did for smoking. DeParle is close enough to the women he followed to dreamm able to shed some I absolutly loved this book.

Lists with This Book. Today, I have a Ph. Award eeparle called W-2 “one of the nation’s best examples of government performance.

The job paid the minimum wage and annual turnover ran percent. With the deparlr of her daughter Gwendolyn Mink, Patsy Mink crafted a humane welfare bill and submitted it to Congress, where it was ignored. They still struggled to keep the lights on. The mismanagement of these programs was stunning and in some cases money that could have been used for support of clients was used for PR and to generate new business.