Title: GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition), Author: gabrielvidal, Length: 32 pages, Published: Resumo das regras de GURPS 4ª edição. Resumo. GURPS Basic Set: Characters (Fourth Edition) (GURPS 4ª Edição Módulo Básico : Personagens (Brazilian Version)) Image Gallery. Sort: Recent, Hot. | Date. and the introductory version of the rules, GURPS Lite, is available free online! GURPS Fourth Edition Revision by DAVID L. PULVER and SEAN M. PUNCH.

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But roleplaying trumps mission success!

Bonus points are used to develop and improve your character. Every skill is separate, though some skills help you to learn others.

In theory, you could keep adding disadvantages until you had enough points to buy whatever advantages and skills you wanted. This is the ability to steal a purse, knife, etc. Thus, your HP score measures your ability to sustain injury; see Hit Points p.

Calaméo – GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition)

For example, if you are rolling against Strength, and your ST is 12, a roll of 12 or less succeeds. If you are actively listening for such activity, the GM may allow you to substitute Observation skill for Perception. You work for a living, but your lifestyle is better than most.


Aim This is maneuver is used to gur;s a ranged weapon or a device such as a camera or telescope. Reasonable requests will be granted.

You must make a self-control roll whenever you need to accept a surrender, evade a sentry, take a prisoner, etc. Each turn, you must choose one of the following maneuvers: The Encyclopedia of Fantasy. Then roll a Quick Contest: Everything here is tentative in the extreme! Appearance is rated in levels.

Make a self-control roll when presented with a tempting morsel or good wine that, for some reason, you should resist. Pole Weapons Pole weapons are long usually wooden shafts, often adorned with striking heads.

Pacifism Variable You are opposed to violence.

Some activities require you to Concentrate for multiple seconds. Perception Per represents your general alertness. If this occurs, roll for damage.

List of GURPS books

Some common reaction modifiers: Weapons and armor are a special case, however, since their use involves more intricate game mechanics. 44 there’s the travel, which all too often ends up swept under the carpet “A month passes aboard ship. Archived PDF from the original on 18 July Your weapon and, for muscle-powered fdicao, your ST determines the number of dice you roll for damage. Otherwise, his active defense was ineffective and the attack struck home. You may not attempt a success roll if your effective skill is less than 3 unless you are attempting a defense roll p.


Eventually, one character succeeds when the other fails. For deliberately concealed items, this is a Quick Contest of your Search skill vs. Certain attacks do extra damage if they get through armor. The damage after this multiplier determines the injury: This section will give you enough information to let you choose your combat gear intelligently.

Remember that negative point values mean you get those points back to spend on something else! You may attempt to parry only one attack per turn.