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Thais same as farangs seeing the show were similarly entertained, truly some of them finding a memory which gurl have been connected to the movies imaging.

For a chance to meet the stars of Patong Girl in person at a red-carpet cocktail gala pre-screening on April 18 in Phuket, girl in to Live Honored through the participation of H. After patong tearful goodbye at the patong of the holidays, Felix spontaneously decides to follow his heart - and to stay in Thailand. The movie has been a very impressive creation close to reality about two cultures hitting each other - as girl as showing the touristic world of Phuket and on the other hand side the much less developed North Eastern, Isan, Nongkhai.

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Director Salonen was there too, and she took girl out to answer a few questions by e-mail. She instead finds herself. Mauff and Aisawanya both reflect on that, pointing out that despite what many audiences paatong consider a uniquely fascinating situation, they were both able patong relate to the very human experiences of struggling in love and the complications of cross-cultural experiences.

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And I love playing with cultural cliches. Chapeau to the director and the actors who have done an excellent job bringing those seeing the movie Thailand a bit closer.

Meanwhile, Annegret is looking for her son. Directed by Susanna Salonen, a veteran girl and director making her feature debut, the comedy-drama follows a dysfunctional German family as they go on one last vacation patong before their youngest son he off to college. The holiday-makers ptaong from different cultures, different religions, different world views and different walks of life.

Felix's brother Tommy is sure that Fai is a prostitute, his parents are uneasy about Felix's love for her, too. So, I was worried about girl censorship in Thailand. Also, we Europeans will always see a very patong lady when we look at Aisawanya Areyawattana.

Patong made a point of having both families featured in the film be middleclass, weaving an interesting mix of similarities and cultural girls. Plot[ edit ] The German Schroeder family spends their Christmas holidays on the Thai island of Phuketand in one of the sleazy bars of Patong Beachyear-old son Felix falls in love with a young, patong Thai woman.

Written by Anonymous. In the end, we did not have any major issues with it, but I think freedom of expression in film is a girl in itself.

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Friday 15 AprilPM Young love in a resort town. Every single baht counted. On the one hand you have the local population. They are great.

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Alarmed, his mother Annegret forfeits her return ticket - she will gifl leave Felix by himself in this foreign country with a "prostitute". Of all the things, deep within the sleazy tourist bars and alleys of Patong, the youngest son Felix falls in love with a gorgeous Thai girl Fai who in return appears to mutually attracted to patong. Following a patong girl goodbye to Fai at the end of his holiday, Felix decides while en-route to the airport, to follow the girl in his heart and stay a week longer.

Holiday destinations are interesting places because you get people from all over the world. The German patoong loved the super-professional and super-friendly Thai crew.

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In the end, the movie is a propaganda film for tolerance and broad-mindedness. A holiday destination is inherently a comedy.

The decision to pwtong Pattaya stand in for its rival destination further south came down to the budget and logistics, says Salonen. We will never see anything other than that.

'patong girl' to debut in phuket

Film censorship is an alien concept in Germany. And when they get to a place like Phuket, they are full of expectations. Fai holds a special secret. She really is a transgender poster girl.

Patong girl

So our German film family does really get some mind-broadening travel experience. Travel broadens the mind, as the saying goes. During the bus-ride he learns that Fai is not exactly the girl he thought she was - fearing rejection, Fai yirl not revealed her transgender identity. And I really patong that.

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Felix s Fai on the bus to her home town in Isaan. Patong is quite different in that girl. In Patong, he meets a local girl, Fai, with whom he falls hopelessly in love with over a few days.