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Sleeping satellite karnivool

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The European music video was directed by Zanna.

They added that "technically, "Sleeping Satellite" is an elegant blend of acoustics with synthetics, starting from the chic cascade, unloading the pomposity of a piece on a bridge built of psychedelic keyboard variations. Satellute also topped the charts in neighbouring Ireland, spending four weeks at one.

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The video is edited down from the song's original length of 5 minutes 40 seconds to 4 minutes karnnivool seconds. But I have to say I like the idea that she tried.

It was only when Archer got a record deal that the song saw the light of day. Critical reception[ edit ] AllMusic editor Roch Parisien noted the song as a "hypnotic, fashionably retro-psych-soul beauty".

The lyrics of the song reference the Apollo Missions of the s, characterised as "man's greatest adventure"; the sleeping satellite of the title being the Moon. And in truth Archer doesn't cover it sleeling — the song's ambiguous and flowery, its emotional kick comes from Archer's self-belief more than anything you can read into it.

Music video[ edit ] There were made two different music videos for the song; a European version and a US version. Some lyrics of the song flash up on screen and disappear again.

The music video on YouTube for the song was released with the song on 11 June karnivool To date, it is Archer's only charting satellite in the United States, peaking at 32 on the Billboard Hot in May and 24 on the Adult Contemporary chart. In the part of the song sleeping violins can be heard, three or four people playing violins appear in the room, then disappear again. In the song, she questions our human priorities and arrogant attitude towards the planet we inhabit.

In neighbouring Canada, "Sleeping Satellite" reached six. It remains Archer's only top-ten hit in both the UK and Ireland to date.

The trademark bug is sleeping seen in the video for Shutterspeed, and on the cover of Themata, both album and single. This is potent, raw stuff and very difficult indeed to cover effectively in a pop song. The music karnivool features the band playing in a room with red curtains, with the band's trademark, a little bug with what appear to be glass eyes, flying around.

Archer sings backing vocals on the track satellite with Tessa Niles and Carol Kenyon.