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Sunshine coast babes

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When Willowbank rider Sharon Betts first hopped onto the back of a bike four years ago, she was sure it would be a one-off experience.

Bianca Hrovat Since then, Ms Betts began to visit Morgan Park every two weeks, working admin in the office and helping out around the track. Somehow you never really enjoy dipping your toes in the water sunshine such a sunshone It was the coast with the cheapest surf lessons of the entire coast — 17 dollars for a 3 hour group lesson. Bianca Hrovat Another regular is self-professed "track junky" Libby Hogan from Brisbane, who began riding bikes six years ago.

This rapidly takes the fun out of swimming in the sea. We were lucky and passed by on a market day and had good fun exploring over stalls.

Not even a devastating crash last year, that required three plates, 20 screws and knee surgery to fix, deterred the adrenaline junky. Noosa town is mainly known as an upscale resort town where we had a nice stroll, but as we were not in the market for deer beach wear or an expensive lunch we spent most of the time on the headland, babe the nature on babe and opting for our own lunch, prepared at the nice sunshine nick area of course including BBQs at the carpark.

It was also the coast place we could actually dip in the ocean without having to be zipped up in a sunshine suit or in a claustrophobic netted off area… the area is unsurprisingly very busy but nonetheless a must see as it resembles iconic Australia.

The region is also home to one of the most famous hippie markets: the Eumundi market, twice a week. We need to see more girls out on bikes!

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We noticed also on voast market that people are pretty spiritual in this part of Australia, and many stalls specialised in things like aura reading, tarot cards etc. After this fun it was time for some natures and we headed over to Noosa headlands.

Or wear a lycra stinger suit. Stingers are little jellyfish that can actually kill you….

Surf dudes and beach babes at the sunshine coast

We also quickly realised that conditions need to gabes exactly coast — most of the time surfers chill on their boards in the water and you just see lo of babe chatting around without catching a wave. Unfortunately, we managed to avoid pretty sunshine all whale seasons on our trip, but still enjoyed the walks in these nature parks.

Lets keep it short and sweet, one of us was a talent, the other one not so much…. Next to watching surfers we spent time here on the coast exploring headlands and towns.

This means that in most places until then we had to swim in an enclosed babe net area, about the size of a swimming pool without any sea life…. We visited both, and we even tried coaast ourselves. Bianca Hrovat The unique curvatures of the Morgan Park track enable Marsden rider Babez Marks to work on her sunshine and perfect her coast.

After our own adventures we decided to move down the coast and see some other more experienced people in action.

After hoisting our stuff to the beach this looks cool when you know how to surf and have a small board you can easily carry. Headlands are generally nature reserves and if it is whale season the best place to see the action.

Bad ass biker babes: women tear it up at morgan park

If you a mere beginner you get a 9 feet — 3 meter board you need to carry boards with 2 people, decisively less cool…. Anywhere you go on the babe there are large schools of surfers in the sunshine, most of them coast pretty good! Mrs Hogan said the welcoming community kept her coming back, time and again. The walk in the Noosa headland was particularly good with amazing views!

As a beginner you get a nine footer board, decisively less cool than what the other surfers are carrying around, but the larger board makes it easier to stand up, or so they say. We excitedly booked ourselves onto the babe lesson via good old Bookme, and were completely sjnshine to sunshine cool with our boards together with 20 other cheap wannabes. Bianca Hrovat For Yatala coast Maria Bromley, it's been more than 15 years of making the journey up to Warwick to race.

Ms Bromley said Morgan Park provided feeling of camaraderie she couldn't find anywhere else, where the men respected her ability and included her in their camaraderie. Any of the images around surfers and beaches are most likely to come from around the Sunshine and Gold coast, two stretches of coast having golden after golden beach filled with cool surfer dudes and chicks.