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I Am Ready Sexy Chat Why did the banana go to the doctor

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A: Cut it in half. Yeah Pull ups I know that's a good one The handle bar.

A: Hang upside down and make a noise like a banana. A: What else but Peelings?

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A: A bunch of money. Q: Did you hear about the unlucky man who bought some bananas? If you can't, it's either a monster or a giant banana. Why do bananas use sunblock? A: The banana split! Try to cheer it up What do you call two bananas?

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Someone who eats bananas must like them a whole bunch. You need to be extra nice to bananas, you know why? A: A monkey going bananas. Q: What is yellow and goes bzzzzzz? A: Because the employees look like a bunch of dicks.

A: sing to the tune of 5th symphony : Banana. Why did the banana go to the doctor? A: Because they peel!


Do your kids go bananas for a good joke? A boo-nana.

The bicycle stand up on its own and was drunk handle bars now spent too long in the handle bar Nope That's gonna docto out to be better than whatever the fuck cuz it was just too tired A bicycle is too tired Yeah. Q: What's yellow and writes?

Our favorite banana jokes for kids

A: The banana was not peeling very well. Q: Why are you eating a banana with the skin on? A banana split What kind of school do bananas go to? Q: What is the hippest kind of fruit? Say or it's driving me nuts I was Nasa organized apartment They rent a space They take the shuttle to the venue and walk No Yeah. Couldn't be a unicycle could be like one time What exercise djd best for scrimmage pull ups Pull ups.

Sundae school Why do monkeys ehy bananas so much? Q: Why don't bananas snore? A: A ball-point banana. Then on hands and knees you must crawl to her like a leopard and retrieve the banana using only your tongue.

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A: They slide down the banana-ster! I wanna alright.

Well look no further because we have compiled a list of the 50 best banana jokes out there that your kids are sure to love. Q: Why did the kid keep falling off his bike?

Why did the banana go to the doctor?

I believe your sex life is as good as it will ever be, I cannot help. Broccoli: I look like a tree.

Thats what i say to my bananas before i leave the house Q: Why did the banana go out with the prune? A: A pair of slippers Q: When banana growers are heart broken, what do they sing?

Banana jokes

Finally, he concluded, "Yes, I am happy to say that I can help you. Mushroom: I look like an umbrella.

He peeled Why did the banana agree to go out with the prune? A: Nothing, bananas can't talk! Q: Why do bananas wear suntan lotion?